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Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Hey Jake, found this and thought you might find it interesting/amusing.

Check this out. It's a really good info-graphic on lobbyists and how they influence government.

Monday, March 5th 2012

Where is James Gray? On Sunday, January 28, 2007, Microsoft researcher Jim Gray sailed his boat out of the San Francisco Bay to the Farallon Islands, a wildlife refuge 27 miles offshore. He was never seen again. Read the article to get an idea of the extreme resources that were deployed to find this man and see if you don't get the same sense of unease that I got from the mystery of this mans disappearance.

Inside the High Tech Hunt for a Missing Silicon Valley Legend By Steve Silberman | July 24, 2007 |Excerpt: As Gray steered out through the Golden Gate to the open ocean, both tide and wind were in his favor. At 10:30 am, he called Carnes again and said that he was approaching a channel marker buoy 15 miles out. She asked him if he was wearing his harness; single-handed sailors can drown if a wave pitches them overboard and the ship sails on. "Yes, dear," he replied, saying that he would get in touch as soon as Tenacious came back into range. A few minutes later, he left an upbeat voicemail for his daughter, Heather, in Santa Barbara. "I'm taking Granny out to her final resting place. I'm surrounded by dolphins out here. It's a little cloudy but very pleasant. No whales but lots of dolphins and very pretty. Love and kisses, take care, bye." At 11:50 am, his smartphone synched with Microsoft's email server one last time, pinging a Cingular tower south of San Francisco. A couple of hours later, on Southeast Farallon Island, a naturalist named Brett Hartl spotted a sailboat with a reddish hull a mile or two offshore, sailing north. Then Gray and his boat vanished.


Tuesday, February 28th 2012

So many cool things like Space Elevators and Yoga Scandals in the news but nothing as cool as William B. Davis.

William B. Davis: The X-Files’ Cigarette Smoking Man, Champion Water Skier by Max Eddy | 4:40 pm, February 27th, 2012 |Excerpt: Walter B. Davis portrayed the Cigarette Smoking Man on the hit sci-fi conspiracy series The X-Files. However, Davis is far more than just an actor: He’s a skeptic, a director, an author, and champion water skier. I know, this is a lot to handle.


Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Hopefully fixed the layout issues so everything looks right on different browsers and screens.

"Monsignors' mutiny" revealed by Vatican leaks |updated 2/13/2012 9:10:23 AM ET|Reuters| - Excerpt:"The Machiavellian maneuvering and machinations that have come to light in the Vatican recently are worthy of a novel about a sinister power struggle at a medieval court."


Friday, February 24th 2012

Good article in Wired about offshore data storage at Sealand. Web Building page should be up later on today if I'm not too busy.

Welcome to Sealand. Now Bugger Off. - By Simson Garfinkel - Excerpt: "Hunkered down on a North Sea fortress, a crew of armed cypherpunks, amped-up networking geeks, and libertarian swashbucklers is seceding from the world to pursue a revolutionary idea: an offshore, fat-pipe data haven that answers to nobody."


Thursday, February 23rd 2012

Warmest it's been yet this year today. Made some small changes this morning that are probably unnoticeable.

DOJ Urges Supreme Court to Halt Challenge to Warrantless Eavesdropping By David Kravets | February 22, 2012 | 3:05 pm | Excerpt: The Obama administration is urging the Supreme Court to halt a legal challenge weighing the constitutionality of a once-secret warrantless surveillance program targeting Americans’ communications that Congress eventually legalized in 2008.


Wednesday, February 22nd 2012

All posts will be backlogged on the Posts page which went up last night. If you're looking for one thats not on the front page it will be there.

Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year’s End By NICK BILTON| February 21, 2012, 6:15 pm - Description: Google X offices is currently working on Heads-Up display glasses that will gather and display information in real time. When worn, the glasses will show information about the users surroundings and friends close by in an augmented reality display.


MANCHESTER, England, July 6 /PRNewswire/ - Studies done by the Institute of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health to determine the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C do not stand up to scientific scrutiny and have "basic errors in biology" say Steve Hickey PhD and Hillary Roberts PhD, pharmacology professors and graduates of the University of Manchester in Britain.


Tuesday, February 21st 2012

Sick today, everyone seems to be catching something right now. Got half of the RTR part of the site done though. J, if you're on, check out the Releases/News section to see the text you wanted up.

Check out this video, It's called "The Gift" directed by Carl E. Rinsch

The Gift from BLR_VFX on Vimeo.

Monday, February 20th 2012

Site up today, not to much else to say. Kinda cold out, on the plus side I'm having sushi for dinner (thanks babe). Also working on getting some of the other pages done so people will have something useful to look at. Seeing as there next to nothing to look at right now I'd suggest coming back in a week or two for some articles and new pages.